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baby sports yarn
size I crochet hook
Ch 52

Row 1: dc in 3 ch from hook and across. You should have 50 dc. ch 3 turn.
Row 2: dc across. ch 3 turn.
Row 3-27: repeat row 2. tie off.

ch 26.
Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook and across. ch 3 turn. You should have 24 dc.
Row 2-7: dc across.

Lay out the afghan in a diamond shape. Lay pocket so it's bottom is about 6 inches from the point that is pointing at you, top left corner is about 6 inches from left point and same for the right point. Sew around. Decorate to your own liking. You can do a shell border on afghan and pocket top or add ribbons and bows or just about anything. Have fun with it.