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Diaper Bag


This is a very fast and versatile diaper bag. It can be worked in any stitch and the pattern is easily adjusted to the individual's needs. The pattern is worked in a "T" shape for the main bag.
fold instructions
Size I hook
Worsted weight 4ply
Button (lg)

Chain 73.
Row 1: dc in each ch across
Row 2: Ch 3 dc across
Row 3-17: repeat row 2, tie off.
Row 18: Skip 16 dc and attach yarn in 17th dc. Ch 3 dc across to within 17 dc fron end. Ch 3 and turn.
Row 19: dc across ch3 turn
Row 20-42: Repeat row 19
Row 43-64: ch 1 turn, sc in each stitch...(your now working on the flap of the bag.)
Row 65: slip st in first 2 sc, sc to last 2 sc, turn
Row 66-68: repeat row 65, fasten off.
Sew up sides as instruction show in graphic.

side fold

Trim flap with alternate color with hdc shells (hdc shell is 3 hdc in the same stitch)

Fold side top as shown in graphic and crochet together using dc. 4 dc in a row. Work pattern to desired length. fasten off.
On the other side of bag fold side top as before and attach a button. This is so it can be adjusted.

bag back

Back pocket:
ch 43.
Row 1-10: Dc in ch across, ch 3 turn. Fasten off, sew pocket to back of bag. Sew three seams evenly spaced and trip top.

If you so desire you can put a piece of plastic craft in the bottom of the bag to help it stand up also add a logo to the front of the bag.

Created by Kelly Carpo (9-2-02)